Ellis Hooks ‘The Hand Of God’ ZNCD 1021

Singer, Songwriter Ellis Hooks…is back with an epic, genre-busting second album for Zane Records, recorded in NYC and Nashville. Seventeen new, original songs, five tracks mixed by music legend Dan Penn.

The result is an album that sounds, fresh and contemporary, you might call it ‘Rock ‘n Soul’.

Ellis Hooks 'Undeniable' Zane ZNCD 1018.

Ellis Hooks debut CD 'Undeniable' has the indelible stamp of a totally unique vocalist and songwriter, the likes of which doesn't come around too often.
A voice full of soul, a soundtrack to a period in his life, some hurt but also joys.
Ellis explains: 'I just sing what I feel, if you want to categorise it, you can but I don't. I just do it that's all ! '

What the press said ;
"A new soul man bucks the clichés" THE INDEPENDENT REVIEW
"Earthy,soulful and blue" TIME OUT
"One of the strongest debut albums of the year" THE TIMES

Thank you all who caught one of the most roof raising raising tours in 2003 from
Zane newcomer Ellis Hooks and Band. Here are a couple bits of feedback posted to Zane Towers by you following that tour.

"If you like Soul Music You cannot but love the guy. If you don't like Soul Music You still Cannot but love the guy. Heís a future star. An awesomely talented performer. A great show simple as that."
Graham, Newcastle

"Please extend my compliments to Mr Hooks and band for one hell of a great gig in Harlem on May 5th, really enjoyed it!"
Winnie The Pooh , Holland

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